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 Xtremebatlab started out as an idea from owner and co-owner Andre Starks and Danny Bray Jr, to bring to our community, batting cages that are desperately needed in the city of Jackson. This vision was created in the year 2016 when Owner Andre was residing in San Antonio, TX and experienced that there was Batting facilities around the city and state. Jackson, TN being a baseball town, was in dire need of a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come and not just have fun but practice on their craft. 

In 2021 this dream and vision from Andre and Danny was close to becoming a reality. Owner Andre was at that time residing in North Carolina and in conversation about relocating home. Research, Studying and Traveling was the continuous aspects of Starks vision to take the next step into reality. 2022 the Dream has Flourished!! Xtremebatlab was launched with its site on the community.

This vision of ours is for the city, the community, and every young boy and girl who has a dream!!

Hitting is all about timing. You must have the proper timing to know when to start your swing​.

And that's what we believe motivated us to start and move forward with this project! Everything is about timing and rhythm and you must know when that time is for you to step out on faith and make that move.

We like to think of Xtreme Bat Lab as a tool for training and fun, all in one.  We believe that everyone loves having fun. That’s why we decided to offer guests of all ages.  We’re serious about creating a space that the whole community can enjoy. Stop by today!

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